vase maker

Designfenzider's designer Ron Gilad rocks the flower arrangement world by this little creation. unlike other items that i show here in the blog, this is a 'half-functional' piece, but it leaves space for imagination and more user participation. it 'is designed and redesigned each time it is placed upon a vessel.' placing vase maker on top of any glass, cup, bowl and traditional vase, a beautiful vase is born (reborn). with vase maker, any stem of flowers can become a conversation piece.


La Vie said...

Wow, I am kind of like the idea of this design. Quite unique and creative in a sense of extrordinary ~!

Love it, yet may not have a place of my own to own it.

teejay said...

well, i personally think that small items like this can be owned by anyone, even if you're still living at home. we're not talking about huge sofa sets; a creative little piece like VaseMaker can make a huge impact in your room.