sponge armchair

a great invention of designer Peter Traag. he pumped polyurethane foam into the oversized chair cover which is lined with a special type of polyester. as the foam cures, the wrinkles on the chair cover are then formed. the chair looks so comfortable. i like how Edra shot the chairs on these rocks. they are similar yet so different.


Da De said...

The sofa looks very confitalbe, yet the skin is kind of dragonlish to me.... ~!

teejay said...

hmmm... interesting... i never look at it that way. now that you mentioned it, the cover does look dragon-ish~~

da de said...

See... i thought that I am the only person seeing that ~! (Dragon-ish skin of the sofa)

Now I can prove to my friend, that it dose looks dragon-ish ~!

However, it dose looks like a very comfy sofa to seat in with a cup of hot Cocoa next to my full night view window on the 35th floor ~!

Peter said...

Hmmmmmmm Interesting,

The sofa does looks like a dinorsaur crouching on the floor and hiding its heand and tail ~!

I can imagine when I am sitting in it, waiting for the the dinosaur to pop its head from any direction to scare me ~!

Or, when I am having a seriouse guests, it will sticking out its tail from behine the sofa to give a bit of waggery ~!

Anyway, the sofa does looks very comfortabel to me ~!