blossom chandelier

if you haven't felt that the Spring has arrived, let me bring it to you. the famous Blossom Chandelier designed by Tord Boontje for Swarovski is modelled on blossom sprigs and made with crystal leaves and petals. it has a remote control; you can set the l.e.d. lights to stay on or blink. blinking can be adjusted between 2 different speeds. you can find them @ Moss.
pink & clear crystal with white l.e.d. lights costs about $32,000US. a smaller version costs about $19,500US.

the 2005 green & amber crystal with white l.e.d. lights is about $36,000US.
too feminine? the 2003 early prototype, black crystal with blue l.e.d. lights (about $36,000US), might suit you better.


Alder is designed by Vancouver's very own Brent Comber. these coffee tables have already been featured in many magazines, trade shows, and tv shows. to create the beautiful Alder, fallen trees are bundled, carved, and varnished. most of Brent Comber's works are created by using recycled woods or fallen trees; they remind you of the beautiful Pacific Northwest forests.

tavola luce

if you know me, you would know about my obsession with things that light up. this is why pieces like Tavola Luce side table from Topdeq always catches my attention. not only this piece is furniture and lighting in one, but the cube within a cube design is stylish and modern. yours for $349.00US.

krystal ELS showerhead

Krystal ELS showerheads has luxurious 270 spray channels illuminated by fiber-optic cables. the side is decorated with crystals and the finish is available in polished gold and chrome. its adjustable colour wheel makes white, yellow, bue, and green lights. the coloured lighting is not only for the decorating purposes; according to Ondine, use of color and light can gently bring about homeostasis. with this showerhead, you can treat yourself to a nice shower and a "chromotherapy."


Arik Levy designed these Horizon seatings for Baleri Italia in 2005. the clean lines, rounded corners and the beautiful colour contrast give them modern, young look. they will definitely become the focal point of any room.

light-emitting textile

when i discovered Luminex's light-emitting textile about a year ago, i thought it was a dream come true. i design lit furniture for my company; with this textile technology, my life can be alot easier. due to the limitation of the no/low-heat lighting colours selection, the textile is only available in these cold, hi-tech, and futuristic colours. however, this is a great breakthrough. how did they make this work, you ask? they weave the optical fibers that connect to LED lighting source into materials such as denim and polyester. it can be cut and sewed just like normal fabric and it is sold by the yard!

tonic lamps

to me, Vivendum's Tonic lamp is very spa-like. it has a halogen light source in its heart-shaped glass diffuser. you can fill the jar with clear or coloured liquid. it is packaged in a tin can. if i get to own one, i'll put it in my bathroom and drop some essence oil in the jar before i take a bath.

big chill fridge

OH! they are just too cute! these Big Chill Fridges have '50s looks with today's efficiency and functions. available in ten candy colours. the company only has dealers in several states. but don't worry, you have options to order online, by fax, or via e-mail. the base model can be yours for $2700US + shipping.

mitad del mundo

want privacy but can't find screens with style? Iris Design provides the perfect solution. through their beautifully carved and structured Mitad Del Mundo screen, you can see others but they can't see you. the screen is available in hues of brown, yellow, and magenta.

welcome to teejay's backsplash

thank you for visiting my blog. i had been wanting to start a blog for quite awhile but i wasn't sure what topic i should work on. last month, i finally decided that i should blog about the modern furniture and home decor since i'm in the industry. also, most of my friends don't seem to mind the modern living style; i figure that they won't find this blog boring to read.

working on the blog was fun. planning the layout, finding the colours, and sorting the findings... i really enjoyed it. however, i don't know much about codes, template, scripts, and all sorts of the technical stuff. i have to thank my wonderful hubby for all his help and hard work on these technical issues.

i'll update the blog once a week. hope my findings can lead you into the modern furnishing world that i personally love. if you would like to sign up for my newsletter or comment on the blog, please e-mail me.