bolle bottles

they are chic, clean, simple, graphic and vivid. with the retro-modern style, they add a splash of colours into your space. designed by Tapio Wirkkala in 1968 for Venini, this series of bottles employs the 'Incalmo' technique wherein 2 different types of glass, worked separately, are fused together to obtain, within a single object, separate areas differentiated by colours. this technique was developed and perfected by the master glass-workers at Venini. set of 5 for $7380US @ Moss.

liquid crystal privacy door

if you have tried on the anything in Prada's flagship store in Soho, Manhattan, or if you have visited Bar89 on Mercer St. (shown), you would know about these fancy doors. besides the fact that Prada was too busy that night, i was just too poor to even try on any clothes in the store. didn't get to see the doors but that was the first time i heard about these liquid crystal doors through my friends. i will not go into the technical details; i'll just simply describe what they can do. the door is transparent but becomes opaque when the room is occupied (the switch is turned to on). if you're interested to know more about it, check out SwitchLite and Priva-Lite.

la paz

this is the light fixture series that would flip your world up-side down. conceptual designer Iris Kadouri started working on the La Paz project while studying at Central Saint Martin's and invested a great deal of time in developing it. this is a reminder of the beginning of the industrial revolution and a period of inventions. Kadouri calls La Paz a "light source within a light source," in which the blown-glass shade echoes the bulb within. it's a play on what you 'see' and what you 'know.' available in pendant ($829US), table ($400US), and floor ($589US)versions @ 20th Century Chairs.

modular arts

if textured wallpaper just doesn't seem to give you the depth you want, then modularArts may be the solution. many great designs are available for these smooth, ceramic-like panels. many designers have used them in commercial spaces such as restaurants and designer clothing store. small scale to create depth and shadow; large scale to create pleasing visual illusion. another plus of modularArts, the panels are able to protect the materials behind them from the heat of hte flame for up to 2 hours because they are entirely mineral.


you want something brilliant for your home; use Scintilla for your walls for floors. hundred of light conducting channels are carved into a transparent block of clear of pigmented polymer to create each Scintilla tile. these fiber-optic elements give the material the ability to shift, shimmer and ripple in response to movement and changes in light intensity on the tiles. the tiles will respond to shadows, moving lights and will also pick up colours and disperse them on its surface. Scintilla can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications but are not recommended for areas of high-heat or open flames. Scintilla is available in 5 colors. check out Sensitile for other more sutble Terrazzo & Volatile.


Edmonton-based designer Adriean Koleric wanted to take the same feel from the designer toy culture and transfer it into the furniture design scene. then Monster was born. although this lamp should make you feel like there's something creeping out of your closet, i think it's just so adorable! it's a monster you can hug. Koleric wants to further explore the customization process so he has contacted designers within the Vinyl community to take on the lamp and recreate it as they see fit.; first custom work by Brooklyn-based animator, Motomichi Nakamura, is coming soon. this would encourage the users to become a part of the ever evolving design process. made of lacquer painted MDF and translucent acrylic. $600CND.

pick chair

this is such a great idea. designed by Dror Benshetrit for Gruppo Sintesi, this is the first foldable cantilever chair. with just a flick of the wrist, Pick Chair goes from a 2-D decorative piece to a functional 3-D chair. the concept gives you additional seatings and help you maximize the space when the chair is "stored" away. i just love multi-functional pieces with styles.

the circle project

this is a series of drawings created by Richard Sarson, a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art in UK, using a compass and coloured felt-tip pens. according to Sarson, 'the works explore pattern, symmetry and composition, also a desire to create something complex using simple tools and a mathematical approach.' more than 1000 circles are drawn for each piece. he creates such great illusions to the eyes. i think the circles would enhance any space with their random colours. well, i know for sure i wouldn't hang one in my office; it won't help my productivity - i'll stare at it for hours.


living art

many of us conduct busy lives and live in small spaces without our own yards. Vancouver's Kermodi provides beautiful living art to fulfill the missing element in our lives and spaces. to create the fresh, clean, and modern feels, they use materials such as stainless steel, timeless ceramics, natural stones, speckled sand, and exotic plants. most of the plants are easy to maintain so they won't take up too much of your time just to care for them. they adds tranquility and make a great scenary on your balconies, mantels, windowsills, bathroom counter tops and the foyer floors. reasonably priced; they make great gifts.

digital stained glass

PixelBlocks are not just another Lego wannabe. what's so special about them is their Digital Stained Glass service. it lets you turn any photo or artwork into a permanent translucent creation made from PixelBlocks. the finished products look like glittering stained glasses. you can upload the image onto the website and it turns the image into a pattern file (.pdf ). with this file printed out and information on how many blocks you should buy for each colour, you can assemble it on your own. when i have more spare time, i want to build one and light it up from the back. and no, this picture won't be the project that i'll work on. just want to show you the result of my test trial. $8US for 1 bulk packaging (200 blocks).


this multifunctional piece of Hivemindesign's is a room divider that can also act as light shelving. it's a modern design with retro geometric aspect. although there's lots of lines involved, it won't make the space busy because the pattern's unified and repetitive (unless you put too many random pieces on it, in this case). remember this when you consider of incorporating any graphics on room dividing units. made with Knoll textiles; if you view the unit straight on, it's almost transparent. if you view it at an angle, you won't see past it.


designer Yuriko Takahashi created this functional seating for Swedese. i like the illusion Twisters creates when arranged together. if i see a bench setup like this, i'll probably spend quite some time staring at them. i like the curves that generates the ripples and the straight lines that cuts across the ripples to tie everything together. well, maybe it's just me; i'm always drawn to geometric patterns.


if there were 'fashion shows' for furniture, this would be the showstopper. even if you are not a stencil person, you can fall in love with this. Erich Ginder's chandelier design has the grand, dramatic mansion idea and the modern, clean laser-cut look. made in aluminum, glass and stainless steel. available in anodized black, anodized gold, anodized natural, citron, powder coated white, and red. available @ Design Public for $3700US.


designer Ryan Grey Smith created this beautiful sculptural artwork/hanging lamp series. they are made by heating and shaping sheets of polycarbonate by hand. he has been commissioned to create some wonderful work. the examples shown here are the grand fixture at Saks 5th Avenue in San Antonio and a 11' fixture for a large residential foyer. to be honest with you, these lamps look quite 'delicious' to me because the beautiful sheets actually reminds me of the wonton skins that my grandma made. available in five sizes and in translucent colors.

eva solo bbq

you love barbecuing but don't have enough space on your tiny apartment balcony, or the looks of the barbecues just don't go with your style and your beautiful backyard. then this is for you. Tools' Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbak created this simple and functional barbecue for Eva Solo. it's pleasing to the eye and its flat lid turns it into a nice side table on the patio so you won't have to hide the grill away after use. unlike others using enamelled, chrome or nickel-plated parts, it's made exclusively in stainless steel so it will last longer. easy to empty ashes with its portable coal bucket. available @ Unica for $560US. smart and sleek accessories are available: grill tweezers, skewers, spatula, grill starter, stainless steel cooking dome, durable fabric cover, and table legs to turn the lid into a tabletop. check here for their prices.



designer Patrick Messier created this simple and sensual rocking chair for Editorial. this is to prove that rocking chairs can be comfortable and attractive. providing all the necessary supports, the ergonomical Mamma is great in any modern living room or nursary. made in ribbon-like fiberglass coated in a special high gloss urethane finish, available in white or in custom colours.



designer Louise Campbell is known for her playful and experimental works. her new design Veryround Seat for Zanotta is a great example. this is a masterpiece in design and technological construction. it's made of a single .08" thick steel sheet frame which is laser-cut, coloured white and varnished for outdoor use. each piece is signed by the designer.avaliable @ Unica for $5272US.


when jw and i went to New York, we visited Steuben Flagship Store. it was such a great experience for me 'cause i absolutely adore things that sparkle and are transparent. i need to show you an example of their absolutely stunning craftsmanship. designed by Eric Hilton, this 16" Honeycomb Vase is 'artfully sandblasted to create the illusion that the precisely positioned circles of transparent glass are but airy perforations in the glowing column. An intriguing sculpture on its own, it makes a stylish receptacle for branches or long-stemmed blooms.' $3500US.

rain sky e

created by Sieger Design for Dornbracht, RainSky E is beautiful to look at and wonderful to listen to. most importantly, it would provide you with unforgettable showering experience. the system has modes such as rain curtain, body spray, head spray, fine mist spray, and 3 types of rain synchronizing with coloured lights. it fulfills the needs of a strong and energizing rain upon awakening and relaxing and soothing shower before bedtime. however, too bad for North Americans. apparently this design cannot be used as a plumbing device or shower system in North America since it doesn't meet the codes.


designer Miranda Watkins's Random features 18" long semi translucent acrylic strips and contrasting anodised alumium panels. the cluster of strips cascades around a central incandescent light source. to me, it looks like a grand wind chime, modern and crisp. this lighting structure can be recreated to commission in any scale or colour.


Gaia & Gino's salt and pepper mills are Karim Rashid's whimsical take on traditional Turkish water taps resembling a family: Ottoman (father), Ottowoman (mother) and Ottokid (child). they are made of lacquered white or pink beech, with tops of laser-cut sterling silver or 24-karat gold plate. the mechanisms are stainless for pepper, ceramic for salt. the grinders do not crush but actually cut peppercorns to release meximum flavour. available in pink/gold and white/silver combinations.

3 skin chair

designer Ron Arad created this powerful chair for Moroso. it's curvy and smooth; it's solid and strong. it combines beauty from both femininity and masculinity. looks so comfortable to sit on. this chair is sculptured by multi-layering lacquered wood. available in copperwood, ironwood, and laquered white.


this collection designed by Naoto Fukasawa for Swedese reminds me of Vancouver's beaches. we have these logs arranged on the beaches as natural seatings for people. all of the Vancouverites most of the tourists have had chances from time to time to lean against them while enjoying the view. (okay, i wish i had a better photos of our beaches right now.) the Log collection consists of a bench, a stool, and a table in oiled oak. you can remove the lid of the table for storage; the other seatings are completely hollow.


there's something about over-sized pieces. just by looking at the photos of Aella designed by Toso & Massari for Leucos, you'd assume it's just a normal-sized table lamp. have any idea how big 20" high x 21" across is? the large scale makes this already beautiful lamp even more interesting. Aella has the proportions and geometry of a 1960's lamp but has a 21st-century's crystal clear Murano glass diffuser on a chrome base. the glass diffuser dips in to meet the concealed light source and privides a focal point for the source and beautiful ambient illumination.



Michael Ruh is one of my favorite glass artists. i don't know why i haven't shown any of his pieces until now. Buoy is one of his stunning work. it adds a splash of colour and it has a considerably creative form for a flower vessel. this is definitely great for modern flower arrangements. Michael Ruh always tries to use a minimum of colour and decoration to create pieces with aesthetic depth, complexity and flexibility. his works are modern though he's often inspired by nature. all of his work is made to client's colour and size specs; every piece is hand-made and sign by him.


i remember that one year Ikea's marketing campaign was 'think vertical.' it is definitely a good advice for today's limited space. Nils Holger Moormann's Erika has a great concept that makes urban living easier. if you don't have enough cupboard storage in your apartment, give Erika a chance to show you the creative and flexible storage. if you constantly move from a small apartment to another, Erika provides a good 'home to go' solution. with your arrangement and its stylish colour and finish, the system may also be a great wall decoration. available @ Kustermann. play the flash file below or refresh the page to see Erika in motion.


this playful chair by B&T Design calls out to the child within everyone. with its unique geometry, it would definitely attract attention at any setting. you can place them side by side to create a functional focal point for hallways. made of rotationally-molded polyethylene, Sumo is weather resistant and UV protected. thus, it makes a great outdoor seating option as well. available in white, cream, red, orange, and green.


another stunning product from the ongoing collaboration of Smeg and Piano Design. this fridge-freezer will amaze you in every way! its sleek exterior is available in 7 Japanese inspired colours - pale blue, blue, light yellow, dark yellow, cream, red, and turquoise. the high-quality stainless steel interior is illuminated by 3 neon lights. unlike traditional fridges that have to be positioned against a wall, with its hidden grill and castors, FPD34 can be positione anywhere in a space. the sculpted handle makes an audible 'click clack' sound when you open the door. the frige compartment has a stainless steel wine rack, 4 hygienic safety glass shelves, and 4 shelves on the door side. you can adjust temperature with a blue-etched l.e.d. display. the freezer has its own internal door; the bottom basket tilts forward for easy access. on top of all these, of course it operates efficiently and has an 'A' energy rating.