Burkhard Dammer's eye-catching X-Club lamp series for Luzifer Lamps can modernize any space. though with a modern shape and fluorescent lights, the illuminated natural veneer brings the unexpected warmth. the x-club family includes pendant, floor, table and wall lamps. these lamps are hand-made and equipped with T-5 technology to ensure energy efficiency. the veneers are available in white ash, cherry, and tulipwood, the last of which can be stained green, grey, orange, or yellow.


nowadays many of us have the habbit of emptying keys and personal items right after we go home. and many of these personal items, such as cellphones and digital cameras, need to be recharged. designers Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda came up with this innovation that combines l.e.d. ambient lighting with cable management, a key holder, and several electrical sockets for European-style plugs. this is one cool multi-function design. check it out @ Elettrica Rotaliana.


nope, this chair's not just for kids; it's for you and me. this cheerful chair from B&T Design calls out to the child within people. its unique geometry and bright colours make it a definite attention-grabber. made of rotationally-molded low-density polyethylene, the chair is weather resistant and UV protected. you won't have to worry about deterioration even if you leave them outdoors year round. the wide body can rest on most even surfaces from grass to gravel to rugs. put several together, you can comfortably lounge on them. they'll be great for your summer parties.


people often find wall hooks unattractive and useless for many months of a year. however, many of these people can't live without them becuase there's just not enough space in their closets. designers from DesuDesign had come to resucue. i would say that they definitely acheived the goals with this finished product. when hooks are needed, simply pull the hooks out. during the coatless months in the summer, the hooks lay flat and so this piece hangs as a purely aesthetic piece. available in monochrome aluminum for $445US or in white with vibrant anodized colors for $395US.

alberto clotheshorse

if your clotheshorse is this stylish, i'm sure your condo strata wouldn't mind your drying clothes on your balcony. Part of the Happiness in the Garden collection, this is the result of a young designer team pulled together by Casamania. can be used on a terrace or lawn. made of light weight polyethylene; available in blue, white, yellow, green, and orange.


the combination of the chrome, upholstery, and wood reminds me of the '60s dining chairs. these are fantabulous! designed by Martin Balllendat for Tonon Italia, the chair's slim, curved plywood back are available in beech, cherry, oak, or black-walnut veneers. the cushion comes in various colours in myriad fabrics and leathers. the base of chrome-plated steel has 3 versions - curved, a single column, or four straight legs. my favriot combo is acutally shown here - oak veneer and white cushion with a single-column base.

rune bed

mix together modern design and just about right amount of old-world charm and what do you get? HiveminDesign's Rune Bed. how cute is this? it has a smooth finish facing out to create the contemporary and sleek look. the traditional curves facing in makes it a conversation piece. this is another great example of updating the old-world 4-poster bed frame.



'if they were good enough for a pharaoh, they must be good enough for a backyard.' inspired by an ancient pillar form, Studio 11 created one of the most amazing outdoor furniture set. this Obelisk's modurlar stack can be disassembled into 2 small chairs, 2 medium ones, and a table. the powder-coated aluminum frames are wrapped in Dedon's handwoven synthetic Hularo fiber, which can stand up to ultraviolet light, chlorinated water, extreme temperatures, micro-organisms, soil, salt, and body lotion. since i saw it for the first time (even now that i finished writing about it) i'm still amazed at the creativity and the durability of this design! check it out at Dedon.


drop (lamp)

designed by Wortmann & Hopf for Buro Fur Form Design, the award winning series of lamps, Liquid Light, presents light in a fluid form. this is another example of the designer taking on the challenge of combining modern material and organic form. Drop is a part of Liquid Light. they appear to float weightlessly in the air or fun down a wall. each drop provides a warm glow and diffused light in any space. $299US (wall lamp) and $289US (pendant lamp) @ Generate.

drop (glasses)

designed by Joe Doucet, 'drop are drinking glasses whose form takes its cues from the process of its function. the inspiration lies in the pioneering high-speed photography of Harold Edgerton, whose pictures of milk drops frozen at the moment of impact, showed us a hidden world that surrounds us everyday.' a design like this reminds us to appreciate the beauty of our daily lives, which we normally take for granted. handblown by a glass master in Italy; each glass is an unique work of art. $52US (tall) and $44US (petit) @ intoto.


i've never personally sit on Karim Rashid's Swing, but it looks so comfortable like it's hugging the person who sits on it. this swivel chair has beautiful curves that combines masculinity and femininity. removable cover in fabric or leather in many colours with white zipper. steel frame. $3900US @ Karim Rashid Shop or $3751US @ ddc.

plant cup

find most of the garden accessories boring? Gitta Gschwendtner's Plant cup can make you feel like Alice in Wonderland. this whimsical oversized pot can spice up your garden or even your foyer with quality and class. $269.00US through Generate.

his & hers keyholders

you're late for work because you can't find your keys again. you can't find the suitable hook or container for holding your keys at home. this zinc with chrome finished key holder provides a decorative solution. it supplies with its unique key which can be attached to your own set of keys. insert the supplied key into the key holder after you come home, you'll never lose your keys again. they also make great gifts. availabe @ Convenient Gadgets for $24.95US


if you like the idea of 4-poster bed but don't like the traditional look, give this bed frame a try. contrary to the traditional 4-posters, it is sleek and contemporary. brushed steel frame with painted, lacquered matt, or toulipier veneered wooden base. headboard can have optional removable covers and padding. i would suggest using light or sheer fabric for the canopy. also, i think this bed works the best when you have a larger bedroom or a room with higher ceiling. although it's airy and light the cross design connecting to the posts can make your room appaer smaller or ceiling appear lower. $6928US(L) and $8125US(R) @ ddc.


although i don't find this very zen, i do like the concept and the clean lines of this table. the shift in angles strongly emphasis the 3-dimonsional image but the use of only one material simplifies the look. it's functional because it really can store many coffee table books and magazines (although i never suggest cramming any stands or coffee tables). available @ ddc for $1600US.

crystal bar

designer James R. Moder is famous for his traditional grand chandeliers, but he's done a great job designing this contemporary Crystal Bar from the Broadway Collection. mixed shapes of crystal droplets are suspended from a silver steel frame. you can position 53 strands of the crytal droplets randomly to create the look you want. available @ Lamps Plus for $899US. @ Oni One for $1595CDN.

salmon house

i know i know... i slacked off last week without telling you first. it was j/w and my wedding anniversary. we decided to take some time off for ourselves. i hope this is reasonable enough. however, i did find something to share with you during our off time. located in West Vancouver on the hills, Salmon House has a gorgeous view of Vancouver skyline. besides the view, Salmon House has a great interior design. i don't have enough knowledge of native arts so i never incorporate them into my designs. i really should start studying more about native arts. one more thing, i love this powerful and beautiful carved glass piece!

destination design

i've been invited by Design Gal to officially become one of the contributors of Destination Design. you can see some of my posts on that blog. Destination Design is where designers provide their take on other designs/products and such as well as sharing suggestions and design information. there's a link to the blog on my 'choice blog.' it has a great team; i'm honoured to work with these talented designers.


crystal universe (mother's day gift)

when i lived in Asia, i was really impressed by Liuli Gonfang's works. i finally remember to post about it here. they took an ancient technique and turned it into a refined scientific process. they've researched and developed superior and more effective pate-de-verre techniques. after only 13 years, Liuli Gongfang has already become one of the best glass studios in the world.

all of their works have significant meanings. the one shown here will make a good mother's day gift for sure. the square hole symbolizes the earth and the round border is the heavens. the figures in the center are fish for luck and prosperity. the small open spiral is the ancient symbol of rice. this symbol is a reminder for people to be respectful of nature, their ancestry, and their parents. this crystal brick can be showcased on display or you can use it as an actual brick as architectural decorations for your home.

resin platter (mother's day gift)

all pieces created by Vancouver's famous Martha Sturdy are not mass-produced. everything from large pieces like dining tables to small pieces like this resin platter is hand formed. Sturdy's work has achieved 'a new kind of modernism: one that is equally concerned with purity and minimalism as it is with humanity and living.' this simple resin platter will add a hint of colour, a touch of modernism, and a breeze of zen to your mom's home. many resin colours and sizes are available. $240.00CDN.

audrey hepburn wall clock (mother's day gift)

your mom has got to be an Audrey Hepburn's fan; both of my mom and my mom-in-law are. then she'll definitely adore this large glass wall clock with a high contrast classic image of Hepburn in full Holly Golightly elegance. the perfect combination of style and function. however, warnings to all people: please avoid giving clocks as gifts to people with Chinese background. well, if your mom's Chinese, you should already know about this. $48.00US @ Urban Outfitters (online only).

mademoiselle (mother's day gift)

this chair is not his newest design but it is one of my favorites from Philippe Starck. this was an innovative project that firstly combined 2 aesthetic qualities: solidity and space. the transparent polycarbonate structure offers a solid support for a soft seat in fabric-covered expanded polyurethane. you can choose from a wide range of dramatically patterned fabrics such as earth tones from Missoni (shown) for the seat. this chair will make a statement in your mom's study or in front of her vanity. $711.00US through retromodern.com.

louis soleil outdoor dining chair (mother's day gift)

invite your mom to your backyard barbeque in style. she'll feel like a member of royalty while enjoying the grilled dishes that you've mastered over the years. Sutherland's designer John Hutton created this regal outdoor chair with teak frame and flow-through foam wrapped in Dacron. the teak frame is available in 3 finishes, including a weather finish in natural teak. stainless steel tacks are available with bronze or nickel finished heads.

ciros coffee table (mother's day gift)

want to give your mom's living room a modern update? you can start with this chic coffee table. sculptor David Baughan's coffee table can throw a few curves into any interior. its clean lines and sophisticated profile gives just about right amount of modernity. available in walnut, oak, cherry, mahogany, and exotic veneers. check out this collection at Peter Alexander Furniture.

peony (mother's day gift)

this is the prettiest bath sponge i've ever seen! this is definitely a nice addition to any woman's showering/bathing experience. instead of a normal, boring mesh sponge, pamper your mom with this bath peony; i bet she'll feel even more feminine and beautiful after using it. made of polyvinyl acetate. you can find this at Zone for $10.00CDN.

pop art toaster (mother's day gift)

make breakfast for your mom and add a splash of fun with the removable stainless steel stencil plates that come with this cute toaster. why not brand cakes, hearts, snowflakes, flowers, smiley faces, or the phrase "Luv U" into your toasts to surprise your mom? with toasts like these, guys can probably get away without writing cards this year. available in red or white cool-touch plastic. $40.00US @ Urban Outfitters.


aster x

this has got to be the coolest director's chair ever! looks really comfortable, too. designer Jean-Marie Massaud's Aster X for Poltrona Frau glamorizes the clean-cut frame with steel arms and legs in a gunmetal finish. the seat frame is made from solid beech wood. covered in Pelle Frau leather - generously available in 90 colors. i would love to own a couple and place them in my study.

warp & weft

Warp & Weft have an impressive collection of high-quality rugs and carpets in different styles. i picked 2 of them to show you and of course they're from the contemporary collection. the top one is Planks II, available in brick, oak, and denim (shown). the bottom one is Amazon, available in forest and sand (shown). most of their rugs are available in many different sizes.

reactive cube

recently discovered this interactive work on grahamplumb.com. this reactive cube works by projecting a 2-d image through a 3-d mass - in this case water mixed with a specially formulated emulsion. the emulsion is composed of micron-sized particles of oil formulated to stay suspended in water. the projected light is captured by the oil and appears to become a virtually real object. isn't this amazing?

this project has gone a long way. the later versions of the cube were developed in collaboration with Time Roope of Tomato Interactive and Andy Allenson of Romandson. it has been shown at exhibitions in the UK, Italy, Japan, Singapore and the USA.