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merry christmas to all!

nope, still no new posts on furniture and home decor items. just want to shout out my love to all my readers on the Christmas Day! here are the photos that i took in my neighbourhood and of the Christmas wreath in my apartment.

i apologize for not updating teejay's backsplash for a long time. it had just been crazily busy at Light Couture and in my personal life. we just finished decorating a client's apartment before Christmas. i'm so glad that nothing needed to be dragged over the holidays. after that, it was Christmas present shopping and home decorating madness. you know how that is. now the madness is over; we've started enjoying our holidays. love the feasts, love the parties, love the presents, and most importantly, love the time we get to spend with family!

i still owe you a report of Vancouver's East Side Culture Crawl. i promise i'll get onto that after the holidays. also, i will show you some photos of the recent apartment decorating project.

i hope all of you have enjoyed your holidays like i have. i would like to wish all my readers a great holiday season and a wonderful new year! thanks for your love and support in 2006!



notice i keep coming back to Karim Rashid's designs? if there's anyone who thinks outside of the box all the time, it's Rashid. Blend is a vertical storage space from his first collection for Horm. it reminds me of Hawaiian breeze, Vancouver Jericho Beach's waves, and ripples on the surface of the pond in my grandfather's garden. i would be so mesmerized by the illusion that Blend creates if it were in my bedroom. available as a 1-door cabinet for $2599US, single wardrobe for $2699US and a double wardrobe for $4299US @ Generate.


i love, love this table!! designed and hand made by William Earle for Blankblank. it's elegant but not overly feminine; it's organic but modern; it's grand but subtle. it's such a piece that would represent the style that i want for my future house. i can't wait to serve dinners on this table to entertain my friends. available in husk, nut, beach, bracken, bark & cane. $2,800 per pair of table legs; glass top is available separately.

pill blue-microdot

i think the first time i saw Vancouver designer Mario Sabljak's Pill Blue was about 2-3 years ago in a show. at that time, we were in a preparation stage to start our company Light Couture. the concept of lit furniture was something we wanted to do for Light Couture. we were so fascinated to see this beautiful design in front of our eyes; it was just like Sabljak realized part of our dream! we saw his work in this year's Vancouver Interior & Design Show. great to see that Sablijak's Flavour Furniture is doing so well. this design Pill Blue-Microdot is fun, vivid and unforgettable. the table is made of wood and laminate. the orange dots you see are l.e.d. lights. go and check out other Sabljak's designs.

wallpaper clocks

the trendy wallpaper design company Muurbloem created these funky dome Wallpaper Clocks - (27.50GBP. above left to right) Stencil, Floral, Lily, (12.5GBP. below left to right) Circles, Tiles, and Dots. inspired by the company's own beautiful wallpaper, these big and bold wall clocks will add sophistication with modern element to your rooms. available @ Dutch by Design.


designer Erin Adams created these beautiful mosaics for Ann Sacks. 'the hallmark of this line is a warm, creative aesthetic that employs a wealth of colour.' with the beautiful colours and large size selection, you can have endless possibilities to create an one-and-only focal wall. only hand-mixed artisan glass are used for these mosaics. starting from $102.80US/sf @ Ann Sacks.


inspired by antique Tibetan Thangka paintings, designer Joanna Michalowicz at Asha Carpets captured her own clouds and wind in Mandala. the rich coral reds with blue, silver, turquoise and gold silk outlines really gives a great burst of colours. warm, exotic and mysterious. i would want this in my dream home office against all the white furniture and dark chocolate surroundings. made of the best high land Tibetan hand spun wool or 100% New Zealand wool and silk. also available in rectanglar shape and different sizes.


ah... the first Christmas item here. i don't mean to give you any more pressure; just want to give you some holiday decoration/gifting ideas from this week on. CB2's reasonably priced Dal serving bowl or 4-part server can be used to add some festivity to your space and serve snacks or condiments. made of aluminum with coloured shiny enamel on the inside. to clean, just give it a wipe with a dry cloth; avoid abrasive cleaners. available @ $19.95US each.


teejay's own - wedding decorations

i know.. i know... i haven't updated my blog for 2 weeks. i apologize. but i had such amazing and exciting 2 weeks because i was working on this wonderful project - decorating a wedding! this post is not directly related to furniture or home decor, but i decided to show you what i had done for this wedding. sorry there's no professional photos in this post though.the bride is one of my best friends; it was truely my pleasure to become her wedding decorator and coordinator. i have designed furniture, interior spaces, gardens and show booths but the only wedding decorations that i designed was my own. it was great to know that she had such faith in me. we all know how it is - all girls want beautiful weddings in spite of the sizes of the weddings. the more she trusts me, the bigger pressure i put on my own shoulders. i promised to give her something a bit different from what she has seen in other weddings. the boutonniere shown above was designed for the groom, bestman & the parents.

this boutonniere is designed for the ushers and the MCs.

'teejay's flower shop' - all the flowers in my kitchen. getting ready to work on them.

the bride's bouquet. this fragrant bouquet is consisted of lisianthus, salal leaves and a variety of roses.

i created this simple and light bouquet for the maid of honour. used lisianthus, roses, and salal leaves - same as the bride's flowers.

2 flower arrangements on the sanctuary's center stage. i wanted to give a bit of decorous feel in the santuary, so i kept the colours to the minimal. still wanted elegance and not overly festive. i chose lilies, snapdragons, carnations, roses, and hydrangeas. submerged aspidistra leaves to cover up the messy stems in the vase.

teejay working on the 'cones' for the pews. after the ceremony, we transferred all these flowers from cones to glasses; re-used them as the centerpieces for the banquet in the evening. for those of you who extremely dislike baby's breath (i'm one of you), you can consider of using waxflowers instead. bigger and more interesting blooms makes fuller arrangements but less lacey (cheesy).

aisle runner with rose pedals (required by the bride). glued rose pedals and rhinestones on the runner to form their initials.

pew flowers and sparkly initials.

garland and ribbons for the sanctuary entrance.

festive flower wreaths for the church entrance. used carnations and spray chrysanthemums. thanks to my favorite 3M Command adhesive and hooks, we could easily hang these wreaths on the glass doors.

flower arrangement at the santuary entrance to welcome guests. the droplets of roses enchoed the bride's bouquet.

centerpiece for the head table. i named this 'sushi.'

flowers are connected by the fishline for the wedding car decorations. we are car lovers - absolutely against sticking pom pons on cars. no sticky substance was used on the car surface.

the couple decided to give daffodil bulbs as their wedding favours. we put them in brown bags, printed the thank-you's and planting instructions on colourful paper

anquet setting. we reused every bloom to decorate the restaurant. that beautiful artistic cake topper was made by the groom! it's the bride with her violin, the groom with his artist brush and their puppy.

place cards. i stapled satin ribbons onto a canvas with wood frame then slipped the place cards between the ribbons and the canvas. the couple can use the them as bulletin boards after the wedding.

congratulations to my dear friends! i love you guys!


vancouver home & interior design show 2006 ~ 2 ~ designers & boutiques

i've included some remarkable boutique products & designer's creations from the show in this post. i left out some great designs because i have mentioned some of them in my previous posts or i want to save some designs for the future posts.

university of alberta
these design students' works are awesome! design students are often the most creative bunch. also, the booth design was very nice and the designs were well displayed. thumbs up, guys! check out their blog 'Slavin' Maven.' here are several pieces that i can't wait to show you:

coffee table by Sari Maani. made of MDF & maple veneer. i like the details of the table legs very much. from a certain angle, they look like strong, thick and solid legs. when you approach the table from a slightly different angle, you get to find out the 'truth' about them. i like designs with little surprises.

accent chair by Zoe Mowat. made of walnut, MDF, & steel. this stylish chair would be great in any modern space, especially compact condos. i wonder if Mowat will go further and make 'circumflex' into a bar stool. it's hard to find good-looking bar stools these days.

balloon party
table by Natalie Kruch. made of 450 balloons & Baltic birch. isn't this fun? i have this balloon-phobia. hmm.. i'm so afraid of balloon popping sounds. but hey, i won't complain when they are in this form and used to make such a cute table.

stool by Tyler Vreeling. made of aluminum plate & tube. i see this it as a great multi-functional piece. it's a stool that can also be a flower vase, an accent table that severs candies, or an office supply central. i will probably sort my markers in colour groups and put them in these tubes.

soft table
table by Zoe Mowat. made of rubber plywood, birch plywood, & industrial felt. this is one table design with an interesting material combination. you can probably put hot dishes on it without needing to worry about burning the surface. you can also pin your notes on the table. i happen to know that my cats will enjoy this table very much....

low coffee table by Joanna Goszczynski. made of MDF, Baltic birch plywood, processed fir, maple veneer & black walnut veneer. a very nicely designed coffee table. i like the table legs curved into and sandwiched by the table top layers.

mimi law
Mimi Law's minimalist booth caught my attention. i spotted this interesting steel sculpture from afar. with her multicultural background, education and work experience, Law creates unique objects with the mind of an engineer, the eye of an artist and the hands of a craftsperson.

brent comber
if you're my loyal reader, you'd know i'm a loyal fan of Brent Comber's creations. aren't these just amazing? they give the beauty and life back to these reclaimed and recycled woods. the fact that Brent Comber's collection has minimal or no negative impact on the environment is just so wonderful.

gregory kenny

some of you may remember Kenny's work for Kilowatt in DV show. this is my favorite piece among all his designs. the door with slanted edges gives this piece such smooth and clean lines. the look is modern, complete and just so perfect. he used special-ordered hinges for the door mechanism. you can check out his designs at the recently opened 7one6 Studio in Vancouver.

like i mentioned before, shiny and sparkly things always gets my attention. it's like i can sniff the nearest sparkles in any space. so when Creative Surfaces Inc. displayed their new tile line 'Carat' at their booth, i was pulled right in. the tiles create this illusion that it's raining diamonds and the raindrops lingered on the tiles. just about right amount of sparkle can remain subtle and also generate great excitements.

interior-designer-turned-textile-designer Paula Lukey has successfully created this elegant but not overly feminine textile line for interior space. her designs provide calm, peaceful yet lively graphics and colours. they are 'soothing to the eyes yet breathe a sense of life and character when adapted into any environment.' my favorite one is her signature icon 'kissing fish.'

organic material in modern form to the ultimate extend. these reasonably priced lighting fixtures work well in any modern space with their modern shapes. the natural stones and shells Chocorex uses brings warmth into the often cold modern interior. their lights can balance the natural and industrial feels in your space. they also offer huge slabs that can be used for bars or walls.

i just love ModernKid's collections. here are some new arrivals that were shown at their booth. this updated, stylish-looking wooden car 'Automoblox Pink' has rubber wheels and interchangeable parts. the whole vehicle comes apart and can easily be put back together. a great developmental tool. also, ModernKid will donate a percentage of the proceeds to the BC Cancer Foundation. $45CDN.

another exciting new product is the 'Dirty Laundry Sticker Stories' collection that includes Princess, Monster Truck & Rocket Dog. just like other wall decals, you peel, stick, and create you own wall designs. what differentiate this one from the rest is that the ordinary wall decals only come in one colour while this collection comes in colourful decals in one package. $95CDN.

ma maison designs
Spick & Span Tradings has these wonderful home accessory collections from ma Maison Designs. the vibrant colours and graphics will definitely bring some great energy to your space or parties. mmm... some of them can make hors d'oeuvres and desserts look so yummy. they can also be great displays or accessories.

i spotted this interesting glass curtain divider from the trendy Koolhaus booth. i'm pretty sure it's from the wholesaler Global Views in the US. the cuved glass 'hooks' reflect the light beautifully but you'll have to make sure that you have a kids- or pets-free living environment to own this.