fun!! designer Daniele Lago's 'Tangram' reminds me my childhood. i'd play tangram for hours and come up with so many shapes of different objects or animals. now this concept is adapted to create this shelf system. 7 pieces of shelves + a wide variety of colours and finishes = enless shelving possibilities. i bet you'll never get sick of your wall storage ever again. by the way, this 'cartoon' shown above caught my eyes; it's just too funny and cute. via 25togo.

tube top

i have to admit that when i heard about 'tube top' i did not expect to see this elegant but not overly feminine lamp. designer Peter Stathis once again amazed me with this beautiful lamp for Pablo. this lamp consists of only 3 components: an acrylic base, a slip-on fabric shade, and a metal harp for holding the bulb. they can be snapped aprt for recycling later on. this is a great example of pure beauty, pure design, and pure innovation. the base comes in clear and charcoal; the shade comes in white and charcoal. available @ 2modern for $100US.

gregory calendar

designer Demain Conrad's interative 'Gregory Calendar' is not only great for kids, it will also bring out the child in you. trace a line with the white magic marker everyday; by the end of the month, you'll discover one of Gregory's mysterious friends. this calendar can help the kids discover the world of numbers and stimulate their perceptions of time. as for you, you'll be looking forward to a new day so you can draw that magical white line. you can customize your calender by colouring it your way and writing down daily notes right beside the dots. 25EURO @ Dadadum.


Identity5 offers '2-dimensional furnishings with a pop attitude.' these colourful digital prints are great accents to your modern homes. the prices are amazingly affordable. museum-quality archival inks are used on heavy canvas. (archival inks: they'll last around 100 years if hung out of direct sunlight) sizes range from murals to smaller, more intimate pieces. available both mounted and un-mounted. example shown here: belle de jour (above) & la dolce vita (below) for $320US to $650US.


floating shelves are just not 'minimal' enough for you? you want to showcase your books, not the shelves? check out Umbra's Conceal bookshelf designed by Miron Lior. Umbra sponsored design competition with Pratt Institute located in Brooklyn to challenge the industrial design students to create the next new Umbra product. Miron Lior won the first place in 2005. this powder coated 'invisible' steel bookshelf can handle up to 15 pounds of books. available @ Umbra for $14.50US


found several little interesting innovative designs on this online store. want to share them with you. 'Harry Organiser/Harry Jr Organiser' (shown above) by designer Reinhard Schmoelzer. i find concept funny and cute; this messy little thing can actually help a lot of people become more organized. available in white, natural, black, pink & blue @ Mocha for 25GBP/18.50GBP.

'Safe Key-ping' (below left) by designer Richard W Crane. here's another creative way to preventing you from losing your keys. nylon bristles packed in a metal tube - nice, clean looking and easy to use. available in white & red @ Mocha for 12.50GBP.'Dunk Mug' (above right) by designer Dominic Skinner. ahh.. dual purpose drinking mug. now that's an ideal mug for me. chocolate chip cookies and coffee, yummy! the ingenious part is that it comes in right and left handed versions so you won't dump the cookies onto your lap. available in white, mocha brown, sky blue, lilac & mint @ Mocha for 13.99GBP.


inspired by a grain scoop, Turnstone's principal designer Kirt Martin created this cute little stool with a wire frame and molded plastic seat. Scoop has commercial grade quality; it's durable and can be cleaned easily. its soft plastic glide is for use on any floor. it's great for energetic working environment or a modern home. available @ Steelcase for $199US.

castlefield design centre

the grand-opening of Castlefield Design Centre is a great news. located in Toronto's interior design district, this design centre is opened to general public. ' from underfoot to overhead, and all you could need in between, you'll be surrounded by top designers, suppliers and services ready to help you pull it all together in the way that best defines your personal home style.' now with 15 stores - Au Lit, Domani Kitchens, Grace Gallery, Horse Feathers Home, Inside & Out Marchand, Kartell, Missoni Home, Natali B, Roots Home, Studio B, StudioVella, Threadcount, TilesPlus, Viking, & Weavers Art - under one roof, people in Greater Toronto Area can really enjoy shopping for their homes. hmm.. this is such a great idea. maybe i should open one in Vancouver - if i can get enough funding.


little field of flowers

Studio Tord Boontje's design 'draws from a belief that modernism does not mean minimalism, that contemporary does not forsake tradition, and that technology does not abandon people and senses.' this hand loomed rug designed for Nanimarquina definitely lives up to that goal. the marriage of Tord Bonntje & Nanimarquina is a guarantee of great design and high quality. this rug takes 'shag' rug to another level. it would make a good conversation piece that brightens your room, brings in the nature, and provides great coziness. i absolutely adore it.


just like her jewellery collection, Maria Jauhiainen's organically-inspired 'Lehti' revolutionized metalsmithing standards. it is in the permanent collections of London's V&A Museum and MoMA in New York City. the impressive design astounds all who see and touch it. formed by an intricate metal mesh, this serving vessel is flexible yet strong and durable. each piece is individually hand-formed. available in red & green ($775US) @ 2Jane; in black ($795US), in silver ($1200) & sterling silver ($1995) @ Urban Peel.

oak leaf

relax and connect with nature in a sleek modern way. designer Agnar Ferchland's oak leaf swiveling lounge chair and acorn ottoman are just too cute! they look comfortable, too. bases are made of satin-finished steel. you get to choose among 50 colours of upholstery in leather, wool, or wool-viscose blends. for some reasons, i think my 2 cats will take over if i bring the set home. i can just picture that one curling up on the ottoman and the other lying on her back on the chair.


as much as i love crystal chandeliers, i'm also open to other lighting options for dressing a high-ceiling foyer. this one is definitely on my list. designer Miguel Herranz created this warm and chic suspension lamp for Luzifer. each wing is made of 2 fine veneer sheets that house 3 lineal lights. it's airy but substantial. the soft curves formed by the flexing veneer gives the fixture an elegant style. it's a surprise every time you turn your head as you walk upstairs or downstairs. it's a different piece of art from a different angle.


to you, a clawfoot bathtub is too feminine and a clean-line modern bathtub is not special enough. you're hard to please; you just can't seem to find that extraordinary tub that will look perfect in your dream bathroom. don't give up just yet. give Adagio's wood bathtub a try. the rich colours of the wood and the dramatic shape definitely generate the 'wow' effect. better yet, this tub looks good in both modern and classic bathrooms.


inspired by classic Japanese stoneware pottery, Walker Zanger created handmade ceramic tiles 'Mizu,' which means 'water' in Japanese. just like the name suggested, these tiles' deep crackle glazes create the effect of pooling water and convy depth. a wall of 'Mizu' tiles creates a beautiful style and peaceful atmosphere. they bring in the nature in the luxurious form. perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and spas. a wide variety of colours are available. shown: bamboo, sea, plum, cherry blossom, tea, pebble, and spring water; not shown: honey, koi, pearl, ricepaper, sand, tatami, and wasabi. well, if i become loaded one day, i want them for my outdoor pool...

nesting tables 101

talented Francis Lemieux is the principal designer of Frank Smith, a furniture line produced by British Columbia (Canadian) based Francis Lemieux & Co. this space-saving and elegant set consists of 4 tables and a cube which can be used as a seat, footrest, speaker stand or pedestal. this design is way more functional than most of the nesting table designs. once all tables are 'nested,' you can move the whole set easily. each table can be ordered individually. available in walnut, cherry, maple, mahogany, or white oak. you can also place special orders on cumtom wood and non-standard finishes through their custom shop.


sick of ordinary looking sectionals? check this one out. desigher Francois Bauchet created this interesting sofa for Ligne Roset. when used alone, 'Yang' is a comfortable chaise that provides a generous amount of seating. it can be interlocked to form a sofa or a sectional. this system is good looking from every angle. i want 4 to form a sqare with lots of comfortable pillows so i can climb in and enjoy my little world within the sofa arms. the feet are made of matte chromed plated steel. a wide selection of fabric and colours are available.