bc home & garden show

hubby jw and i know that BC Home & Garden Show is for consumers, not a b2b show. it wouldn't help our company much, so i went alone just to see what BC has to offer its consumers. this year the show showcased some nice garden designs and landscaping ideas. not many new products and ideas amazed me or i should say there wasn't enough new products or ideas. i did notice that most returned exhibitors improved their booth presentations.

Vancouver's market undoubtedly has a great potential. in the show, i sensed that many people have become very style-conscious and seemed to know what they want for their homes. i personally think that this show still has a long way to go to be great but it was nice to see some improvements here and there. we businesses should work harder to offer more exciting products and material technologies. Canada shouldn't be way behind Europe, or even the States.

for people who are more interested in inteior design or furniture, you can check out Vancouver Home & Interior Design Show in October.

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