inspired by Stonehenge in England, this fabulous shower is created by designer Matteo Thun for Villeroy & Boch. it has many functions that will provide you a luxurious shower/steam bath experience. the middle console has touch screens on both the inside and the outside so you can control the system when you're in/out of the shower. it features a MP3 player for you to listen to your favorite music while revitalizing. it also features aroma and light therapy, rain shower or a Scottish shower, and pup-up seating.

the middle console is available in teak, limestone, and champagne -metallic aluminum. you can choose to place the shower free-standing or against a wall. 2 sizes are available.


Peter said...

I want this aquagate for my new home in the future. (Although, I don't know when will I get one but.........This is luxury, man~!)

The features of aroma and light therapy, rain shower, Scottish shower, and pup-up seating.......WOW ~!

I can feel I am really revitalized after come out from it ~!

Love it very much ~!
What a fablous design ~!

May I ask how $$$$$$ is it?

teejay said...

the price ranges from 10,685GBP(pounds) to 12,836GBP depending on the packages. this is all i can find so far. i haven't had a chance to go to the local shops and check out the prices.