teejay's own - dining table

delivering products or designs requires alot of organizing skills and attention to details. i have to admit that it's never easy. if you are thinking about becoming a designer, take a note and remember that.

we were supposed to deliver 2 of this custom-made dining table/desk to our client last monday. the first trouble we had was that the glasses were not delivered on time. we then re-scheduled the table leg installation with the metal shop to thursday and our delivery time with our client to friday. the second trouble was truely a disaster. when we sent the glasses to the metal shop, 1 of them chipped on the edge! i was devastated. we only delivered 1 of the tables to the client; the good news is that she LOVES it!

i do not like changing delivery dates; a delay generates a lot of trouble for my client and damages our reputation. i'm very lucky that this particular client is super nice, although that makes me feel extra bad... well, we're now trying our best to fix the problem. i'll make sure that we'll deliver the second table to her within this week.


de da said...


Can you post a picture of the actual product on your website ?

So I can talke a look, as well as my friends who are very interest in your design ?

teejay said...

i will. i'll deliver the second table to the client and then i'll take photos of them. thanks for being interested.