dv urban living expo ~ 3 ~ local designers

i was glad that i had the opportunities to meet with some of the local designers. it was very exciting to see their beautiful pieces. i hope that i'll be able to exhibit mine for Light Couture some time soon. some of the artists i met have not yet set up their websites or have their designs photographed professionally. you know who you are; i left you the url of this blog. send me photos and info so i can show off your work here. i have been trying and will always try to promote local artists work.

the designer Gregory Kenny has several amazing pieces. they all consist the sleek, clean-lined designs and beautiful craftsmanship. the photo here shows a part of a shelving unit. i really want to share his work with you. i'm waiting for Kilowatt to send me some updates on the products and also professional product shots. i'll surely post them as soon as i receive them.

tyler jones how great would it be if i had this coffee table from Tyler Jones for my childhood? i wouldn't get into trouble for drawing all over the walls!

casika modern
Peter Chen's 'Embrace' can be used as coffee table, dining seating, or entry seating. each leg is connected to the top via 2 aluminium rods. no other fasteners are used; friction holds everything together.

60 grit design

can't get enough of that laminated plywood look? check out designer Amy Stein's 'Square Peg' bench. she used computer-aided design to minimize waste and maximize material. it's good to know that designers care about environment.

designer Glenn Ross has many wonderful creations for interior/exterior furniture and pet products. shown here are from his Wowo line - the 'Dog Pod,''Pet Bed,'and 'Feeding Stations.' the feeding station has 4 different sizes with many different finishes. prices range from $98CDN to $227CDN.

derek young
Derek Young specializes in ultra-laminated baltic birch furniture. the rounded corners and curves differentiate his designs from other laminated plywood furniture. i look forward to seeing his '3-floavoured shelving' (as shown in rendered picture) in the near furture.

straight line design
i see craftsmanship, i see innocence, i see humour. designer Judson Beaumont always comes up with unusual and whimsical designs. check out his 'Bad Table' and limited-edition 'Pet Camper.'

nickbe table & art
designer Alex Nickbe's tables incorporate the notion of biomimetics concentrating on the processes of self-renewal, diversity and change. the results are bold and beautiful. they enhance any creative interior where art merges with utility.

maude decor
designer Patricia Baun created these beautiful hand-painted canvas rugs. these stylish rugs are fade and water resistant and easy to clean. her designs are very uplifting; i guareentee you that any of these rugs can brighten your day.

in element designs
designer Seiji and Himali Kuwabara specialize in Japanese-influenced modern furniture and interior design. their designs bring tranquility in a very stylish way. i like this '45-degree' candle holder alot.

the joint
no mdfs, no particleboards, staples or melamine. you'll only find handcrafted furniture made of 'real' wood at the Joint. the sideboard shown here is made of black walnut with curly maple details.

industrial artifacts
designer Ross MacMillan specializes in eco-friendly furniture and decor. here's an example. now most of the traffic lights have been replaced by more efficient LED based lights; the old incandescent ones has become obsolete. he uses the lexan lenses to create this pendant light and many other home decor item.

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