electric aga cooker

Aga Range's retro-looking cooker has an outstanding efficiency. its electricity consumption is as little as a waffle iron. it steadily transfers the heat from its core into the ovens and the hotplates. the roasting and baking ovens stay warm and are ready 24 hours a day; thus, there are no switches and dials. the high level of insulation within the outer casing and beneath the hotplate covers ensures its economical fuel usage. 15 glossy enamel colours available.


Peter said...

I saw this "aga cooker" on food TV several times.

A program called "30 minutes meal" hosts by Rachel Ray is also using the same "electric aga cooker" while she cooks and bakes in the show.

This "electric aga cooker" makes me want to have one of my own ~!

This is such a catchy piece ~~~!

teejay said...

:) good job, Peter. you're almost right. Rachel Ray's kitchen for "30 minute meals" acutally uses a vintage Chambers oven circa 1950 model 90c. you can no longer find it on the market but you can try looking in ebay or local antique and architectural stores. just a little extra info, her fridge is from Elmira Stove Works.