swarovski - reinvent the chandelier

Nadja Swarovski said, "Swarovski's commitment to work with the best designers in the field of fashion, design and art to produce innovative and creative designs is exemplified by this project." so far, many beautiful chandeliers have been created by Swarovski's collaborations with famous designers. i've already posted Blossom Chandelier designed by Tord Boontje earlier. now, let me introduce you to my favorite pieces: "Ball" and "Lucky Spot."

Tom Dixon's "Ball" is one of the most popular design among all. it suspends hundreds of crystals on individual threads to form a virtual sphere. the reflections on the crystals and the threads create elegant but modern look for the chandelier.

lucky spotanother chandelier that uses the similar concept is Stella McCartney's over-4-meter-high art installation at Belsay House for "Fashion at Belsay" in 2004 she used 7,000 crystals to create a stunning 3-dimentional chandelier in her signature design, a magical and romantic horse, named "Lucky Spot." (click on the photos to enlarge them -- if you don't know that by now)


toobluelude said...

Look out!! It's the Death Star!!!!

Actually, the strings are appropriate since that's probably how they made the original Death Star in the 70's.

But I'm totally liking the crystal horse!!! They should have that in the lobby of Ferrari's head office.

crisco said...