cowley manor

when i saw the photos of Cowley Manor's lobby about 2 years ago, i wished i could fly to England right away just to see this crytal lighting installation. the crystals splatter in the air, creating the illusion of crystal explosion. l.e.d. lights that were installed in the floor shoot straight up to make the crystal shiny and glittery. it seems like Cowley Manor has captured a piece of starry skies.

of course i noticed the classic architectural features that surround the modern lighting fixture. i immediately wanted to find out more about this hotel. as i suspected, the rest of the hotel is just as stunning. architect firm De Matos Storey Ryan did such a splendid job. they restored the original features and introduced new materials in modern forms to create perfect balance of and connection between the old and new. you have to check out the rest of the hotel on their web sites.

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