anna torfs

here's another one of my favorite glass artists - Anna Torfs. i love all her works. i don't know how she does it, but all of her designs can just quitely make bold statements. she uses the centuries old Bohemian techniques to create a timeless collection. here are 3 examples of her work. (top left) 'Double Bubble' is blown free without mold in 4 layers and then cut, grinded, polished and sanded. (top right) 'Mo' is blown in transparent or coloured glass without mold and then cut, grinded and polished. (below) 'Caja-caja' is free-blown. it has a coloured centre in translucent glass or a a coloured centre with an opal layer in translucent glass. Anna Torfs collection is sold in 27 countries by carefully selected shops and galleries.


Anonymous said...

I was with Anna in Bohemia... Man, man, what a pure beauty in the rough.

Alison said...

Hi Teejay,
If you like this, you may enjoy the work of local vancouver glass artist - Jeina Morosoff.