welcome to teejay's backsplash

thank you for visiting my blog. i had been wanting to start a blog for quite awhile but i wasn't sure what topic i should work on. last month, i finally decided that i should blog about the modern furniture and home decor since i'm in the industry. also, most of my friends don't seem to mind the modern living style; i figure that they won't find this blog boring to read.

working on the blog was fun. planning the layout, finding the colours, and sorting the findings... i really enjoyed it. however, i don't know much about codes, template, scripts, and all sorts of the technical stuff. i have to thank my wonderful hubby for all his help and hard work on these technical issues.

i'll update the blog once a week. hope my findings can lead you into the modern furnishing world that i personally love. if you would like to sign up for my newsletter or comment on the blog, please e-mail me.


Sher said...

Very nice! I love the colours the lay out and your icon! =D

teejay said...

thanks sher! :)

Anonymous said...

hi,i am jerry (the one from china). i found ur blog today. i like this place. ibar is so cool.i will buy one if i am rich .lol !