big chill fridge

OH! they are just too cute! these Big Chill Fridges have '50s looks with today's efficiency and functions. available in ten candy colours. the company only has dealers in several states. but don't worry, you have options to order online, by fax, or via e-mail. the base model can be yours for $2700US + shipping.


Sher said...

LoL...These look like something I would have...=P Together with the kitchen aid mixer, blender, and food processor hehe =P

teejay said...

then you will have the "cutest" diner-style kitchen with all the pastel colours.

Susangalique said...

I googled these fridges and you popped up!

I too think these are supper fab.

I like pink lemonade. If you are going to have enamel, I think the pink is super fun and easy on the eyes.