light-emitting textile

when i discovered Luminex's light-emitting textile about a year ago, i thought it was a dream come true. i design lit furniture for my company; with this textile technology, my life can be alot easier. due to the limitation of the no/low-heat lighting colours selection, the textile is only available in these cold, hi-tech, and futuristic colours. however, this is a great breakthrough. how did they make this work, you ask? they weave the optical fibers that connect to LED lighting source into materials such as denim and polyester. it can be cut and sewed just like normal fabric and it is sold by the yard!


toobluelude said...

These can be used to make great halloween costumes.

Or car ceiling liner.

toobluelude said...


How about they make luggage out of this, and make the light remote controlled, with a flicker feature.

So when the luggage rolls on the airport carousel (sp?), you can just press a button and it will flash, showing that this is YOUR luggage!!!

I'm so smart.

teejay said...

hey toobluelude,

i think your idea is great!! maybe this idea will make you a fortune!

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