merry christmas to all!

nope, still no new posts on furniture and home decor items. just want to shout out my love to all my readers on the Christmas Day! here are the photos that i took in my neighbourhood and of the Christmas wreath in my apartment.

i apologize for not updating teejay's backsplash for a long time. it had just been crazily busy at Light Couture and in my personal life. we just finished decorating a client's apartment before Christmas. i'm so glad that nothing needed to be dragged over the holidays. after that, it was Christmas present shopping and home decorating madness. you know how that is. now the madness is over; we've started enjoying our holidays. love the feasts, love the parties, love the presents, and most importantly, love the time we get to spend with family!

i still owe you a report of Vancouver's East Side Culture Crawl. i promise i'll get onto that after the holidays. also, i will show you some photos of the recent apartment decorating project.

i hope all of you have enjoyed your holidays like i have. i would like to wish all my readers a great holiday season and a wonderful new year! thanks for your love and support in 2006!

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