vancouver home & interior design show 2006 ~ 1 ~ concepts & show highlights

the show's definitely getting better and better every year. there are more outstanding local designers' participations and some very interesting concepts were exhibited at the show. here's a list of show highlights and wonderful designs for you.

the Canadian debut tour of the All-Terrain Cabin, a 420 square foot, fully outfitted cabin for the 21st century - mobile, self-contained, low-impact, smart, tough, cool, and all Canadian. based on the ISO container format, it can be transportable to any place in the world. when it gets to its destination the contents won't be unloaded, instead the entire shipment will unfold, deploy, and spread its wings to become the All Terrain Cabin (ATC). check out the details here.

Gau Designs & Concepts, back for the second year, teams up with Montreal's hottest new designers. East Meets West showcased work from design disciplines such as furniture, lighting, graphics, & architecture. a new generation of display – it will be dynamic, flexible, and animated by light and sound. here are some of the examples:

gau designs & concepts
i already prepared to write a post about Gau Designs' wonderful 'zen' garden sink this Fall. it was great to see and touch it at the show. although it's subtle, it's zen, it can create such a powerful image to make a bold statement. definitely a conversation piece in the garden. in fact, i might just use this indoor.

beau & bien
so peaceful, elegant and mysterious! the Smoon collection, including remarkable Sensitive Smoon, Nomad Smoon and Water Smoon (shown), lets you own a small moon at home. wired or wireless, with switch or without, dry or wet, Beau & Bien makes sure that you get to enjoy your moon the way you want.

'Bequia' from Perez allows you to create your own configurations. this systems gives you endless possibilities with style. you can change your sofa setting anytime for any occassions and activities.

erratum designers
'Suggested Presentation' from ErratumDesigners is a range of consoles that need walls for support. as no hardware is needed, they leave no holes in your walls, giving them true hassle-free mobility.

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