another stunning product from the ongoing collaboration of Smeg and Piano Design. this fridge-freezer will amaze you in every way! its sleek exterior is available in 7 Japanese inspired colours - pale blue, blue, light yellow, dark yellow, cream, red, and turquoise. the high-quality stainless steel interior is illuminated by 3 neon lights. unlike traditional fridges that have to be positioned against a wall, with its hidden grill and castors, FPD34 can be positione anywhere in a space. the sculpted handle makes an audible 'click clack' sound when you open the door. the frige compartment has a stainless steel wine rack, 4 hygienic safety glass shelves, and 4 shelves on the door side. you can adjust temperature with a blue-etched l.e.d. display. the freezer has its own internal door; the bottom basket tilts forward for easy access. on top of all these, of course it operates efficiently and has an 'A' energy rating.

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