eva solo bbq

you love barbecuing but don't have enough space on your tiny apartment balcony, or the looks of the barbecues just don't go with your style and your beautiful backyard. then this is for you. Tools' Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbak created this simple and functional barbecue for Eva Solo. it's pleasing to the eye and its flat lid turns it into a nice side table on the patio so you won't have to hide the grill away after use. unlike others using enamelled, chrome or nickel-plated parts, it's made exclusively in stainless steel so it will last longer. easy to empty ashes with its portable coal bucket. available @ Unica for $560US. smart and sleek accessories are available: grill tweezers, skewers, spatula, grill starter, stainless steel cooking dome, durable fabric cover, and table legs to turn the lid into a tabletop. check here for their prices.

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