milan furniture fair 2006

Milan hosted Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2006 (Milan International Furniture Fair) from April 5-10. this is another show that we'll HAVE to go sometime soon. it's just so exciting for me even to hear the name of the show. this year, the show was hosted in the new fair complex designed by architect Massimiliano Fuksas.

at the same time, there were related fairs running, such as Salone Internazionale del Bango (bathroom furnishing exhibition), Eurocucina (internaional kitchen exhibition), Eimu (office exhibition), and the one i'm really interested in, Salone Satellite (for upcoming design talents). the show infomation is from designboom and MoCo Loco.

the photos shown here are from MoCo Loco. clockwise from the top left: Studio Ditte's light sheet (pop out the lamp shade and shape into a cone), Mia Cullin's geometric interlocking leather rugs, u:b Studio's hanging bookshelf (made of hangers), Marcel Wanders' stone stool for Kartel, Droog's Garden of Delight Fuori exhibit (featuring the layered Sounds of Silence display), Campeggi's airpouf vacuum, and the production verision of Joris Laarman's rococo radiator.

you can check out the extensive reviews, photos, and coverage of the show at MoCo Loco, designboom, designws.com, and POL OXYGEN.


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