crystal universe (mother's day gift)

when i lived in Asia, i was really impressed by Liuli Gonfang's works. i finally remember to post about it here. they took an ancient technique and turned it into a refined scientific process. they've researched and developed superior and more effective pate-de-verre techniques. after only 13 years, Liuli Gongfang has already become one of the best glass studios in the world.

all of their works have significant meanings. the one shown here will make a good mother's day gift for sure. the square hole symbolizes the earth and the round border is the heavens. the figures in the center are fish for luck and prosperity. the small open spiral is the ancient symbol of rice. this symbol is a reminder for people to be respectful of nature, their ancestry, and their parents. this crystal brick can be showcased on display or you can use it as an actual brick as architectural decorations for your home.

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