found several little interesting innovative designs on this online store. want to share them with you. 'Harry Organiser/Harry Jr Organiser' (shown above) by designer Reinhard Schmoelzer. i find concept funny and cute; this messy little thing can actually help a lot of people become more organized. available in white, natural, black, pink & blue @ Mocha for 25GBP/18.50GBP.

'Safe Key-ping' (below left) by designer Richard W Crane. here's another creative way to preventing you from losing your keys. nylon bristles packed in a metal tube - nice, clean looking and easy to use. available in white & red @ Mocha for 12.50GBP.'Dunk Mug' (above right) by designer Dominic Skinner. ahh.. dual purpose drinking mug. now that's an ideal mug for me. chocolate chip cookies and coffee, yummy! the ingenious part is that it comes in right and left handed versions so you won't dump the cookies onto your lap. available in white, mocha brown, sky blue, lilac & mint @ Mocha for 13.99GBP.

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