although i know every piece form Ikea by heart as a designer, there's rarely anything that i want to write about. but this new dining table & chair set designed by Sandra Kragnert attracted my attention. the backs of the chairs are shaped to the corners of the table. this does provide a smart solution in terms of space saving. the design of the set is simple and lively. i have to admit that it is great when nice designs and concepts are affordable to the general public. $449CDN @ Ikea.


Anonymous said...

They looks really nice, but hurting you're back when you sit. I tried them.

teejay said...

hmm.. that's a dissappointment. but i should've thought about that due to its shape. well, i guess this is for people who don't spend too much time on their meals.

Kay said...

I loved the design but the construction is so flimsy! I expected some quality at Ikea.